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My passion and desire to bring music and peacebuilding together started on my cross cultural (study abroad) in the Middle East in 2010. I was interested in how music was used within the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

This led to my doctoral research on how certain music organizations were using ensemble music, education, and group song writing as a means to create common ground on which productive and meaningful dialogue could take place. This dialogue could lead to increased empathy, understanding, and eventual conflict transformation.

After becoming assistant professor of music at Eastern Mennonite University, I designed and submitted a new major for approval in the music department, called Music and Peacebuilding. This first undergraduate major of its kind in the US was quickly approved and has had students each year since its inception.

More information on the major can be found here and here.

Other events I have led that relate to the field of Music and Peacebuilding include:

Several colloquia for our music majors

Professional development training with Lancaster Mennonite Schools Music Teachers

Deep Listening event with Fifth House Ensemble

Pacifist Masterwork with the EMU Orchestra and Choir, Vaughan William's Dona Nobis Pacem

Upcoming concerts and events as well

If interested in learning more, contact me through this website.

Beyond my doctoral work, I have been trained through Musicians Without Borders Leaders Level 1 as well as the Rensselaer Institute's Deep Listening Training Level 1.

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